Permanent ban appeal.

Please reply with "I accept / I do not accept"


Your ban appeal has been accepted and you are placed on a One-Strike Policy, this policy will last 14 days or 2 weeks. If you are found committing a violation of any kind during this time period, your ban will be reinstated permanently.

  • This is a rare chance you have been given and we ask you do not hurt our trust by granting this.
  • Should you accept, you will then be on a One Strike Policy for the time listed above.
Please reply in this thread that you accept this one-strike policy.

For any further questions, or inquiries, feel free contacting our Support Team.
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Will i still be able to be a LEO if i don't get the subscription?

Hello, will i still be able to be a LEO if i don't get the subscription? And if not why?
Thank you for your time.
As mentioned above, RCSO is the only LEO team that doesn’t require anything but three hours of total playtime to access. Other LEO departments can be joined by joining the respective Discord server and wait for whitelist training.


I just joined perris V4 and when I loaded the teams and selected CHP it said "requirements not met", I bought CHP and SRU in game passes and it worked on 2.5. BUT NOT ON V4!
I payed for CHP and SRU and I don't have them, I shouldn't have to pay for a stupid subscription when I ALREADY OWN THOSE TEAMS!!!! FIX IT!!!
How many time I got say this. Game passes been discontinued and got deleted year ago due to issues with Roblox. Plus Chp team is reported broken at moment but not sure about Sru team in v4. If you want refund from your game passes then contact Roblox support because mountain interactive don’t have control of game passes.
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discord ban appeal

Appealing Discord ID :)823297550479261698

Ban Length: Answer perm
Moderating Staff Member: Answer: unknown

Ban Reason: Answer Promoting exploits (I was hacked but fixed my account)
Why I Should Be Unbanned: I was hacked after a data leak and earlier the hacker put fake servers with promoting exploits but i got unbanned fort a little bit then got banned again.

Additional Members Involved/witnessing: swoleboye and gloxnia22

sheriff spawn killing other sheriffs

Roblox Username: Kpsrshh
Discord ID (Ex. 792053931190386708):
Your RP Name: Noah Smith

Roblox Username of the player you're reporting: sigmaoftham

Discord Username of the player you're reporting: (optional)

Give us an Incident Description: Spawn camping sheriffs

What rules / offences did the player break: FRP, Spawn Killing, Team killing rapidly.

How long do you think the player be punished for: Permanant, this looks like an alt account.

Time of Occurrence: 12:46 MT
Additional members involved/witnessing: n/a

permanent game ban

Appealing Roblox Username: Answer: iliketurtles8527
Appealing Discord ID: 1240039088447422625

Ban Length: Permanent
Moderating Staff Member: lmaxwell
What game did the ban take place in?: Perris.
Ban Reason: Answer RDM X2, FRP, V-TOS.
Why I Should Be Unbanned: It states in the log how in logs it says how the word "coke" had nothing to do with the drink, but i also never stated it was for the drug either. I never and i mean never intentioned the drug. For the RDM i had a reason to kill them. The gitl was touching my head and i told her to stop and she kept doing it. Later on i saw them down a street and i hopped out and killed them. That was my reason for the RDM. The FRP was when i ddint say nothing before i killed them. Im not going to hop out and give them time to pull a gun on me and kill me.

Additional Members Involved/Witnessing:

Game Ban Apeal

Appealing Roblox Username: K9Squadunit
Appealing Discord ID 4016900667 K9squadunit

Ban Length: Permanent (Please refer to Ban List for this information.)
Moderating Staff Member: 502949827966009354. (Please refer to Ban List for this information.)
What game did the ban take place in?: Perris.

Ban Reason: Login to view embedded media View:

Why I Should Be Unbanned:
I think the ban should be lifted because I was unaware that you can't kill a cop for no reason or RDM I thought you could make any scenario up when ever so I think that I should be unbanned because it was a learning lesson to know I also think this because I think that it was a mistake and that it was not a good reason to kill a cop but I thought you could so now that I know you can't RDM I will be more responsible and enjoy the game under the rules.

Additional Members Involved/Witnessing: Answer (Optional.)

Game Ban Appeal

Roblox Username: nicklover133
Discord ID (e.g.,

Ban Length: permanently
(Please refer to Ban List for this information.)

Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): snipe_sniper#0
(Please refer to Ban List for this information.)

Ban Reason: RDM, SK
(Please refer to Ban List for this information

Why I Should Be Unbanned:
(Explain why you believe the ban should be lifted.) Why my ban should be lifted because I realize my mistake of RDM but I did it because the guy who reported me for RDM shot and killed me while I was unarmed and then when I respawned I saw him and spawn killed him after he killed but before the guy killed me I was passing a traffic stop when I was walking but the person remembered me when I pulled him over an hour ago but what upset me was he killed me while I was unarmed but it was stupid for me to get revenge and spawn kill him what I should of done was reported him instead of me getting banned and in trouble next time it happens I will report the person and multiple times while I was patrolling I got RDMed a lot while I was trying to make traffic stops now I know better to avoid causing revenge and next time report without spawn killing

Time of Occurrence: 7/13/24 9:08 AM
(Please refer to Ban List for this information.)

Additional Members Involved/Witnessing: N/A

Have you read, understood, and followed the ban appeal rules? (Y/N): Yes

Ensure you have carefully read and understood the ban appeal rules before submitting your appeal. Yes I have