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LEO vehicle enhancements

Will anything happen with the gamepass? I'm wondering because in order to actually use it you have to either pay more or attend weekly trainings or whatever. Also will it change at all since CSO vehicles are gonna just be free as said in an announcement (yes ik theres still the coroner van but there's no point in that gamepass being like 1250 or something with just 1 vehicle now). Also will that gamepass ever get the guns that it talked about in the description?

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Question about TS ban

Hello, I was banned for suspected underage on [ Teamspeak only ] Not anything else, currently I have DMed Ash but he is yet to respond. I got banned for being a retard ON PURPOSE but I sincerely apologize. I don't really have anything I can prove it with. I will not be showing a birth certificate as it is to private. Sorry. I would do a passport, but I do not have one. Before you say I'm lying my mother has not got one either because we have no reason to.

Born, 3/28/2010.

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How do I get whitlisted for RSSO?

After the recent update now most of the teams are paid to join and my laptop can)t barley run the game already so there’s no sense in paying 60 PLN per month I can barley run. I can’t see any chanells realating to whitelists for such things + I can’t ask anyone on the discord since I can’t chat there for some resson
Please help, anything helps