Ban Appeal

Roblox Username: Tiny_Division
Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): 1202591458327138346
Your RP Name:idk

Ban Length: Answer this question using
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @Mexarab

Ban Reason: Answer this question using
Why I should be unbanned: Oltz the mod that banned me was admin abusing for a while already did the staff report go read that or the mod review for context on that anyways he kept blowing us up nonstop mid rp and he did it while we were at 7.11 so I shot him in the back of the head because he was pissing everyone off and he ended up banning me for rdm nitrp nlr and frp because he got mad about it and took my previous record into account from me being banned from the DISCORD. - He also didnt add much evidence for anything he put in notes and the stuff he did put in notes is not even a rule he made it a rule his self I guess.

Time of Occurrence:
Answer around 4am june 20th
Additional members involved/witnessing:
Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: (Y/N) Yes

Ban Appeal

Roblox Username: officalSoapI
Discord ID: 873608008972783667
Your RP Name: Aiden Anderson

Ban Length: Permanat
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member) :
810653590007447582 (Cant find log of it)

Ban Reason: RDM+SK
Why I should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because I understand the mistake I have made. This is not to be done again and I understand that this is a rare chance to prove myself. I understand that If I do it again, I will be punished.

Time of Occurrence:
6/4/24 11:24:35 PM
Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes

Ban Appeal

Roblox Username: ilovemonkeysandlegos
Discord ID
Your RP Name: Forgot

Ban Length: Permanently banned
Banning Staff Member: don't know admin/mod user only ID because I wasn't in game. 378035344278290433

Ban Reason: SK ( Spawn Kill)
Why I should be unbanned: I don't even know what happened, I was at spawn using my guns and then I swapped teams and my game was lagging out so I left, a few hours later I am banned. I request to see a clip of some sort. and an explanation, please.

Time of Occurrence:
6/21/2024, 7:49:58 AM (EST)
Additional members involved/witnessing: Unknown/None

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Y

Neutral Management review for oltz - Mexarab.

Staff Member: @Mexarab
Review Rating: 3/10
Review Notes: Before I say anything this is not a review to get out of a ban nor a last ditch effort, But oltz/mexarab is very egotistical and thinks hes above absolutely everyone. First I will start when me and my cousin PIatinumNINE were playing oltz joined the server we started a hostage situation at BOA and mid rp as the cops were about to run in we got exploded around 5-10 minutes later we tried again same thing happens we get exploded, He states we were doing the same thing to much we need to try to do something else so we start a robbery rp at mcdonalds we get in a gunfight with RPD RCSO ect we get blown up at the mcdonalds which there is proof of by a bystander that watched the mcdonalds get mass bombed. We try to start a house robbery or something fun in housing we get bombed so after that we are pretty annoyed and pissed off because we cant do anything without getting blown up so we joined a robbery at 7.11 cops outside everyones there huge gunfight rp and there was hostages and as soon as me and PIatinum walked in the entire place got blown up by oltz. So I guess I made a bad choice and respawned out of frustration and sniped him in the head he respawns and starts going on about how you cant start a gunfight rp every 5-10 minutes which as long as we arent copbaiting and such I never heard of that being a rule we get into a argument and he bans me afterwards not gonna say reasons here since this is not a appeal but I bring up the point in discord hows it not rdm for him to blow everyone up mid rp he says because you were starting robberys every 5-10 minutes I dont think that is a valid excuse but thats fine. Final point is he has a insanely high ego and abuses whatever his tools are way to much. If you want the vid of him blowing up our shootout at McDonalds dm me i_bhk. I also have a screenshot of piat dead stuck to a wall after he blew up BOA. once again in no way is this a appeal or a last ditch effort this is just me explaining my interaction with him. thanks.
Also I wanna put something in here if a person reviews this staff even high ranking staff should have rules apply to them and not be entitled to ruin peoples roleplays we're going for realism right? realism isnt blowing up peoples roleplays.
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Perris V4

Perris has come a long way, starting at Sky Valley, going to San Ramiro, then Victor Valley, finally ending up at Perris, California. This game is overall the only roblox game I play. David and the team has done an excellent job on developing and solving bugs, taking hours of their free time to work on the game for the community. Since I lag during Perris usually (v.2.5), is why I am excited for V4. Optimization will be better and improvements will be made overall for the game to become more accessible to users that deal with lag for example. I also am very excited about the inserts and new features coming up like the supervisor package which I really want since of the grappler and possibly spikes, but yeah I will likely try to get a job in a few months to attempt to buy it. I believe V4 will have a ton of opportunity for content creators to review the game and give thoughts about it, inspiring more people to play in the future. Love you MI, and I hope to see more great things within the future!