Discord Ban Appeal


New member
Apr 8, 2023
Roblox Username: loIkeevio

Your RP Name: Ismael Zavala

Ban Length: Permenant Banning

Staff Member: @Ash

Ban Reason: NSFW

Why I should be unbanned: I've been apart of the community for the past 2 years of which may of not be in the Discord server but my journey playing the game when I joined the Discord server early this year I was met with people that had gratitude towards staff members and developers which opened my eyes and made me recognise that there was more to do being a member of the community which then I began to socialise with others and got involved with others play styles and adapted to the way you could express playing on the Discord server by posting pictures from in-game to spreading new information and helping new players by providing them with a variety I've learnt off the game and in the game, being able to communicate via the Discord server again would allow me to play the game more efficiently if in cases I needed to report a situation or ping a message to a member in game in the chat. 

The entire situation is unjust I was supposedly banned for NSFW when all I posted was 2 pictures referecing a text with no indecent picture, when first and foremost this is incorrect information I was framed as the user that instigated the argument. This sanction was avoidable and could be met with a warning if the COO recognised I was not the user that instigated the argument because it was stated "Sent NSFW in General" this is unfair it was not explicit content nor dangerous but only inappropriate text also the fact I have never had a moderation action previously except in an in-game fraction, also baring in mind I've just bought a membership and was a premium member previously so I didn't have the intention of breaking the rules but it was due to the users were ganging up on me and no staff step in before I decided to post the two referenced images. 

Additional members involved/witnessing: vye#2137 Buhgz.#1641 @ChiefCycle

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes