Disband Perris Armers


May 18, 2023
These troglodytes cannot be allowed to continue running around Perris. They are practically a terrorist organization at this point.


They took pictures like this all over Perris. I came up to one of their photo shoots as the California Highway Patrol and asked them to get off the road. They're we're blocking a narrow area next to a 4 way intersection.

They surrounded the front of my cruiser in a threatening manner and began verbally harassing me. I was forced to exit the vehicle to be able to access my weapon in the likely instance they became violent. They only finally drove off in their stolen ambulance once the FBI got involved and put them at an even playing field.

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I wholeheartedly endorse this man's opinion, Disband the Perris armers, These terrorists bring even more death and chaos to the already chaotic city that is Perris.

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They are now under the name of "Perris Security Services." The Flash also known as froggboy5555 was the former owner of Perris Armers and is now the owner of Perris Security Services. I ask that you monitor this group or shut it down.


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Dude what are you talking about. I am the owner of P.S.S froggy helped make the roles and channels thats it. and the server is about to get deleted because I was informed by david that there will be no discords connected to groups. therfor this is not perris armers at all. I own the group and server. 

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