Ban appeal.


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May 9, 2023
Roblox Username: ky272199 Discord Tag: ky272199#2303 Your RP Name: Kyran Ban Length: Assuming Perminate. Banning Staff Member: Never told me.  Ban Reason: "Joking about school shootings" Why I should be unbanned: Well first of all I've been in the community for a long time, and I'm also a lifetime donator and I was a staff member for almost over a year so I don't know why I was just automatically banned without a warning, or being told to delete what I put into the chat, now I'm gonna be 100% straight forward with this, I think that the video wasn't offenseive, it wasn't any gore, it never "joked" about school shootings. It was literally a roblox video of a character shooting people with a gun, and it never once said anything harmful it was literally a lego video without words. I mean it would've also been nice to know that a lego video that never had anything against the rules in it be against the rules. If I knew that a ROBLOX. video was against the rules then damn I would've never posted it in the first place. I guess I know now to never post anything in the mountain discord because it seems like no matter what you do anymore you get banned for it, and yes I find this ridiculous being a past staff member. Also if I seem like i have an attitude while writing this I don't I'm just being informative, and I'd also appreciate if someone could contact me through discord, thank you.  Time of Occurrence: 5/31/2023 at 9:40 PM PST Additional members involved/witnessing: Whoever was in chat I guess ? Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: (Y)

Appeal Denied. 

PS: Depending on the violation you can get banned without warning.

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