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Jun 2, 2023
Roblox Username: Seafood234123 Discord Tag (Seafood234123#6230): Your RP Name: Matthew Atkinson Ban Length: Permanently banned Banning Staff Member (No clue who ban me he/she didnt put name at server ban):  Ban Reason: NLR/RDM  Why I should be unbanned: I'm appealing for Server ban, the banning procedure was very wrong, the Moderator didnt put name on banning me, and I admit that i NLR but i don't RDM at that time I spawned on Grocery, and then the sorroundings was still loading i keep walking until this guys shot at me and said 'why shooting me' but they kept shooting me so I feel like that they are RDM'ing me and i came back to kill them, and did kill them. So I'm very sorry for breaking NLR, i sincerely apologize, i support the group mountain interactive since 2022 last year, and the game is good and the community on discord, i'm very sorry won't happen again. Time of Occurrence: Start Date: 6/2/2023, 10:54:18 AM Additional members involved/witnessing: I don't remember i got no video. and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes.


Appeal Declined

Hello, I was the person who banned you. There was a video attached to the ban in your ban notes that I obtained from another player reporting you. Please review the video and remind yourself what you did.

Also, to educate you real quick I do not need to put my name on anything. All moderation actions are logged in the discord under the #moderation channel. 

Given your prior moderation history of doing the same exact thing, I issued you a permanent ban. Have a nice day.

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