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Ban Appeal Rules [READ]

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Community Director
Community Director
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  • May 8, 2023
    1. You have to use the correct format or else your Ban Appeal will not be dealt with.
    2. Do not edit the format with alignments or colors. Keep it simple.
    3. Only the involved people in the Ban Appeal may reply to their thread. Other replies will be deleted and you will receive warning points. This counts for staff members too.
    4. You may not appeal a ban for someone else, no matter the circumstances - such as a forum ban. You may not appeal a discord ban if you are permanently banned from any of our servers.
    5. Do not submit replies such as +support or -support. Ban Appeals are no suggestions, faction applications, or any other kind of applications. This counts for staff members too.
    6. Always stay on-topic. Don't start other discussions or arguments that are not relevant to that Ban Appeal.
    7. Ban Appeals will not be processed if your full Discord Tag is missing.
    8. Your appeal can be denied based on a time-frame discrepancy. You should appeal within a reasonable time frame of when the ban was initially issued / or when it transpired.
    9. For security reasons, we will not review/open any evidence unless it is hosted in one of the following platforms:

    10. https://streamable.com/
    11. https://youtube.com/
    12. https://vimeo.com/
    13. https://gyazo.com/
    14. https://imgur.com/

    [*]This thread can and will be updated with new rules without notice in the future.

    Not open for further replies.