Ban Appeal for Wrongful Ban.

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May 31, 2023
Roblox Username: seanthebomb1107
Discord Tag: Sean N#8385
Your RP Name: Dallas Jackson
Ban Length: 2 days
Banning Staff Member: @DarthRaven360 AKA Marvin the Depressed Lizard#3098
Ban Reason: Random Death Match
Why I should be unbanned: I was wrongfully banned when I was AFK in the server. I was playing with my dog while I was in que to join server 1 then when I came back to my room I saw I was banned for supposing "x1 RDM" when I was AFK the whole time. No one came to talk with me at all and the evidence he provided was bias. He just showed a clip of 3-4 subject in a stolen DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) van and RDM'd a random Patrol Officer in their RMP (Radio Motor Patrol/Patrol car). No where in the clip am I found. However, you can see my RP name and callsign on the radio. 603, D. Jackson. And I guess this clip was supposedly taken last night. And I have 4-5 witnesses that can back me up, cause I was in a VC when I was playing last night, with this case. Here is the clip that Marvin provided in moderation chat. and as you can see there is another black individual with them that looks nothing like me. I am wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans, I wear black shades and have black afro hair. Here is proof of what I wear. That is all.
Time of Occurrence: 6/2/2023 7:15:57 AM
Additional members involved/witnessing: None.
Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes. I learned to always record my entire session from now on.
Additional Notes: I filed a report against the Moderator. 

Appeal Accepted

Hello, after reviewing kill logs, I determined that you did not kill the person who reported you, and you were not near the scene at all. You have been unbanned now.

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