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Ban Appeal Declined

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May 28, 2023
Roblox Username: dante10roblox Discord Tag (Ex.DanteScaletta#9767): Your RP Name: N/A  Ban Length: 2320-01-01 Permanent Permanent Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): Unknown Ban Reason: Answer this question using https://simpleadm.in/banlist (RDM X3 LTAP) Why I should be unbanned: For the time I have been banned I believe the time is more then just of which I've spent banned. Time of Occurrence: Unknown Additional members involved/witnessing: Unknown 

Roblox Username: DanteScaletta#9767

Your RP Name: Unknown at the time

Ban Length: Permanent. (2320-01-01)

Banning Staff Member: Unknown

Ban Reason: RDMx3 LTAP

Why I should be unbanned: Overall as iterated before, I was banned with the knowledge of a constant killing frenzy, executing my actions apart of the x3 RDM's I hade been acused with for my ban. Please note this was 6-7 months ago too when guidelines were much different. In all I believe the time banned has been long overspent too comprehend the new rules dictated in the experience.

Time of Occurrence: Unknown Aprox-6-7 months prior

Additional members involved/witnessing: Unknown

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Y

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Appeal Declined

Our guidelines have not changed much since Halloween, especially rules regarding RDM and LTAP. If you were to have appealed this directly afterwards your ban or earlier, there would be a chance that it would've been appealed. Appeal again in two more days with a genuine reason and I'll consider it.

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Not open for further replies.