Ban Appeal Declined

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May 15, 2023
So, I noticed I was banned for 48 hours (2 days) for RDM, well let me explain why it wasn't RDM. I'm in a cartel group "The King Familia" a group that was made in the game Perris, California, SO Of course they had BOLO out for me they been looking for me so some cop pulled up behind me calls for backup and tries to arrest me so I shot him dead since I was wanted, (I have 2 friends of mine as proof that were with me at the time it happened as proof), next to I know server crashes I try to rejoin and it doesn't let me saying I was banned by a moderator, for RDM. and for some reason that ban isn't in the system so I'd like to speak to a mod about this.

Appeal Declined

So basically y'all are having a gang war or something.  This is something that both parties need to agree on doing and you need to notify an administrator before-hand so they don't see it as RDM.

However, after reviewing the evidence, the person you shot was not a threat to you.

By the way, yes the ban was in the system. If you were wondering, just type in your username in Discord using CTRL + F and you could find it in the #moderation channel along with the proof.

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