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  • May 8, 2023


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    The rules listed apply to our Roblox Game 🌵 Perris, California, Experience: 13905922711. Failure to abide by these rules can result in a warning or a game ban for a certain amount of time, or by the most severe penalty you can be banned indefinitely from playing Perris, California. If you have questions in regard to these rules you can send an email to our team https://mountaininteractive.com/help

    [Section 2A] General Gameplay Rules

    1. Follow Game Guidelines: Adhere strictly to all the game’s rules and instructions.
    2. Maintain Respectful Interaction: Treat every player with respect. Avoid any form of harassment or disrespectful behavior.
    3. Use Appropriate Language: Keep your language clean and avoid using any derogatory or offensive words.
    4. Respect Player Boundaries: Be mindful of other players' comfort and boundaries. Avoid creating uncomfortable situations.
    5. No Exploits or Cheating: Do not exploit game mechanics or use cheats. Play fairly.
    6. Report Issues: Promptly report any game-related issues or bugs to the administrators.
    7. No Offensive Content: Do not create or share content that is offensive, inappropriate, or harmful.
    8. Respect Game Integrity: Play the game as intended. Do not disrupt the game’s immersive experience.
    9. Remain Active: Strive to maintain an active presence within the game, contributing to the community and gameplay.

    [Section 2B] Vehicle Usage Rules

    1. Drive Realistically: Operate vehicles sensibly. Avoid reckless and disruptive driving.
    2. Respect Pedestrians: Yield to pedestrians and drive considerately. Avoid endangering others.
    3. No Vehicle Exploits: Do not exploit vehicle mechanics. Play fairly.
    4. Use Indicators Properly: Use vehicle indicators for turns and lane changes. Keep the driving environment orderly.
    5. Park Responsibly: Park only in designated areas. Do not obstruct traffic or access to areas.
    6. Maintain Vehicle Condition: Ensure your vehicle is in good condition. Repair any damages promptly.
    7. Observe Traffic Laws: Follow all in-game traffic rules and signals. Drive safely.
    8. Respect Other Drivers: Be considerate of other drivers. Avoid aggressive driving behaviors.

    [Section 2C] Roleplay and Interaction Rules

    1. Stay in Character: Maintain your roleplay character consistently. Avoid out-of-character interactions unless necessary.
    2. Prioritize Quality Roleplay: Strive for meaningful and immersive roleplay experiences. Avoid actions that disrupt the roleplay environment.
    3. Seek Consent for Sensitive Scenarios: Before engaging in sensitive roleplays, get consent from all involved players to ensure comfort and agreement.
    4. Limit Out-of-Character Influence: Do not use out-of-character knowledge to influence in-game interactions. Play fairly.
    5. Report Inappropriate Behavior: Notify administrators of any inappropriate or disruptive behavior immediately.
    6. Notify Before Going Out-of-Character: If needed to go out-of-character, inform all involved parties beforehand, maintaining courtesy within the game community.

    [Section 2D] In-Game Group/Organization Rules

    For Legal In-Game Groups:

    1. Abide by In-Game Laws: Legal groups must follow all in-game laws and regulations, maintaining lawfulness within the game world.
    2. Maintain Organizational Integrity: Ensure all members understand and adhere to the game’s rules and the group’s code of conduct, fostering a respectful environment.
    3. Promote Positive Interaction: Engage in activities that contribute positively to the game community, fostering cooperation among players.
    4. Respect Other Groups: Maintain a respectful relationship with other legal groups, resolving conflicts peacefully within the game’s framework.
    5. Transparent Operations: The operations of legal groups should be transparent and open to inquiry from game administrators and law enforcement characters.
    6. Clear Membership Guidelines: Provide clear and accessible membership guidelines to ensure an understanding of group requirements, expectations, and objectives.

    For Illegal In-Game Groups:

    1. Maintain Discretion: Operate with discretion to maintain the immersive and realistic environment of the game.
    2. Limit Harmful Impact: Conduct activities in a manner that limits harm to non-involved players and the overall game community.
    3. Ensure Member Conduct: Ensure members adhere to the game’s rules and respect other players, maintaining a balanced playing experience for everyone.
    4. Avoid Exploits: Avoid using exploits, bugs, or unfair advantages in conducting in-game activities, ensuring fairness and integrity.

    General Rules for All Groups:

    1. Non-Discrimination: Maintain a policy of non-discrimination and inclusivity, ensuring a welcoming environment for all members.
    2. Conflict Resolution: Resolve conflicts within the game’s framework in a manner that preserves the integrity of the roleplay and enjoyment of all involved players.
    3. Regular Communication: Maintain regular and clear communication with members and other groups, fostering understanding within the game community.
    4. Clear Hierarchy: Have a clear organizational structure, allowing for effective decision-making and coordination of group activities.
    5. Comply with Game Moderation: Comply with instructions and decisions made by game moderators and administrators.

    [Section 2E] Player-Owned Houses / Apartment Rules

    1. Maintain Respect for Property Rights: Unauthorized entry or interaction with another player’s house is strictly prohibited.
    2. Uphold House Integrity: Owners must ensure houses are kept in good condition and adhere to game design principles.
    3. Maintain Decorum: All participants should maintain a level of respect and decorum, avoiding disruptive behavior.
    4. Restrict House Modifications: Any modifications must not disrupt the game environment or provide unfair advantages.
    5. Ensure Accessibility: Owners should make their houses accessible to authorized visitors.
    6. Maintain Privacy: Any information or activities conducted within a house should not be disclosed without permission.

    [Section 2F] Player-Owned Business Rules

    1. Adhere to Business Ethics: Conduct all activities ethically, avoiding exploitation and ensuring a balanced economic environment.
    2. Maintain Legal Compliance: Operate within the bounds of the game’s laws and regulations.
    3. Ensure Fair Pricing: Maintain fair pricing to avoid disruption to the game’s economy.
    4. Promote Healthy Competition: Foster a competitive yet respectful environment.

    [Section 2G] Criminal Activity Rules

    1. Maintain Realism: Strive to maintain realism, ensuring that actions and consequences are plausible within the game’s context.
    2. Plan Discreetly: Conduct criminal activities discreetly, maintaining the immersive experience.
    3. Limit Harmful Impact: Minimize harm to non-involved characters and preserve the integrity of the game for everyone.
    4. Follow Criminal Procedure: Understand and follow in-game procedures for committing crimes, ensuring fairness and balance.
    5. Accept Consequences: Be prepared to face in-game consequences of criminal actions.
    6. Prioritize Roleplay: Focus on creating rich roleplay experiences, not on gaining material or strategic advantages.

    [Section 2H] Law Enforcement Rules

    1. Adherence to Assigned Calls: Respond only to the calls assigned to them via the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT).
    2. Utilization of Emergency Signals Properly: Use emergency lights and sirens only when necessary.
    3. Responsible Use of Lethal Force: Limit the use of lethal force to situations where there is a direct and immediate threat to life.
    4. Prioritization of Non-Lethal Measures: Prioritize the use of non-lethal methods whenever feasible to minimize harm.
    5. Issuance of Clear Warnings: Issue clear and audible warnings before any level of force is applied.

    [Section 2J] Fire Department and Paramedic Rules

    1. Prompt Response to Assigned Calls: Respond swiftly and only to the calls assigned.
    2. Proper Utilization of Emergency Signals: Activate emergency lights and sirens only when responding to urgent calls.
    3. Prioritize Safety: Prioritize safety and life preservation in all operations.
    4. Maintain Professional Conduct: Conduct all interactions with professionalism, compassion, and respect.

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