1. numbah12

    Arrest Warrant Revamp

    Right now, it’s barebone, I mean really it is. You enter the person's First and Last RP name and it’ll just happen I guess. I feel like there should be a total revamp of it though. So, when you go to the tab it’ll have a lot more information to fill out. Not only with the First and Last name...
  2. rubledn

    Long Beach Suggestion.

    Dear Mountain Interactive, Hi, I'm rubledn (lcePhonk), one of your regular players. I've only been playing your game since March this year, but I have a request for your upcoming game, Long Beach. I think it would be a good idea to either make all public service teams paid or require training...
  3. Pandaboycoolgaming

    Suggestion for Police team

    Make a full LBPD and CHP Outfit ( if there will be CHP ) And add a vest and full tools and even if your a probationary officer, have a taser and all your tools and maybe a pistol, Rifles can be accessed at officer or sergeant.
  4. Tevin


    There should be a team player count so we know how many people are on which team so we dont have 2 civs and 30 cops
  5. Braeden


    I think the FD system, vehicles, inventory, gear, etc should be re-done. For the sirens, there should be a manual Q2B (a realistic one like this Link), and different sirens. Also, when we talk to other players (on the radio or in front of us), the buttons that activate different stuff on the...