1. O

    How do i remove my roblox connected account?

    Ho bisogno che qualcuno disconnette il mio account Roblox Connect su officerwes the account i wanna remove is kiorimo
  2. A

    Cant change connected roblox account

    I can't disassociate from my old roblox account as I am not getting the option to
  3. 33kproblem

    roblox sub

    i subed to roblox sub thing and do i only get chp mainlly and CSO, do i not get like ghost
  4. A

    how do I verify my Roblox's to get the subscriptions

    how do I verify my Roblox's to get the subscriptions
  5. jannik571212

    Roblox Username: jannik571Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): 1030086937136091146Your RP Name: Anisley, adams

    I really really like the game and yesterday I got false accused of having an alt which is not true and I don't wanna get banned again since this time it is not my fault, I never had an alt account and I never will. Please, I really don't wanna lose this game since I'vee spend money on it cause I...
  6. marlonkatkat

    I cant join the roblox group

    When i go into the roblox group page the "join group" button disapears
  7. P

    I left while being detained because i got banned for 1 day in roblox

    i havent gotten banned but i left while being detained but i got banned on roblox
  8. mam7484

    Roblox NSFW report

    Roblox Username: mam7484 Discord ID: 1008052440484028517 Your RP Name: Baker Anderson Roblox Username of the player you're reporting: IWALKIBREATHJ Discord Username of the player you're reporting: N/A Give us an Incident Description: I was at LC and then I moved my car near Autozone then I...
  9. T

    I want to get unbanned. My roblox username is Tomiwa210

    I was banned for NITRP and FRP. You should unban me because I will change. I will behave. I wont NITRP or FRP again since I learned my lesson. I wont do anything that is bad. I will listen to moderators. I would make right choices next time. Everyone makes mistakes. That is why you should unban me.
  10. Timmymcslimjim

    Roblox Ban Appeal

    Roblox Username: DailyTactical Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): 813247595106271294 Your RP Name: Derrick Adams Ban Length: Perm Banning Staff Member:303237307157315604 Ban Reason: "RDM, LTAP" Why I should be unbanned: I wasn't rdmign nor ltaping. I was rping in little ceasers then all of a...
  11. quality_valks2444

    Is there a way to switch your roblox account (aka remove the linked roblox account)

    I want to remove it so I can switch the subscription to a different account, but I'm not sure how
  12. e2s_bnc

    ban appeal Roblox Username: e2s_bncDiscord ID 1066135551880736899Your RP Name: i don't remember

    Ban length Permantantly Banned Ban Length: Why I should be unbanned: the peace time timer was red so i though it was over. thats the only ranson i shot. there was a peace time bug something.
  13. spy_crab2137

    Roblox ban appeal

    Roblox Username: spy_crab2137 Discord ID : 652063146114023449 Your RP Name: David Brown Ban Length: Permanent Banning Staff Member: valenzuela1022 Ban Reason: Exploiting Why I should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because I didint actually cheat. After talking with the staff member that...
  14. sqq

    Roblox Ban Appeal

    Roblox Username:FluffyTheSoftfur Discord ID: 1164955962998804623 Your RP Name: Davis Romerquiz Ban Length: Permantantly Banned Banning Staff Member: 254888848805330944 Ban Reason: Tool Abuse, RDM x1, FRP Why I should be unbanned: Well in the clip he provided it shows me not doing any tool...
  15. aiden3679862

    Roblox ban appeal.

    Roblox Username: aiden3679862 Discord ID: 796379487469830144 Your RP Name: Anderson (forgot the last time it's been a while) Ban Length: Permanently Ban Banning Staff Member: Been about a couple of months but i know the staff member that did ban me has been fired/exiled. Ban Reason: Scene...
  16. realray3340

    Discord perm ban appeal

    Roblox Username: mxnestxne Discord ID: 991421247672037507 Your RP Name: Elijah Barton Ban Length: Permanent Banning Staff Member @ronitp831 Ban Reason: Alting Why I should be unbanned: I didn't know that Alting was a rule in the community. I just went on my alt account and i think there was...
  17. M

    Ban Appeal

    I didn't enter the city for a few weeks for personal reasons, suddenly I found myself banned from your group for no apparent reason. The message in the attachment is as follows "You have been removed from this experience: | SimpleAdmin | You're in a group that's banned from this game. Group...
  18. Artemiyazaz

    Ban Appeal

    Roblox Username: Artemiyazaz Discord ID: 921694931007975465 Your RP Name: Adam (idk) Ban Length: Permanently Banned Banning Staff Member: 474266114927624204 Ban Reason: Random Death Match (RDM) Why I should be unbanned: In the incident which resulted in my ban, the proof shows me getting out...
  19. Slotr8

    Roblox Username: Slotr8Discord ID: 925401613777121371 Your RP Name: Bishop DavisBan Length: Permanently Banning Staff Member: @DeSantisReality V-T

    Hello, this is my new appeal. I've thought long and hard and have read the rules of the server and game rules multiple times and have found what I have been doing wrong. I do accept the fact that I had done something horribly wrong and against the rules, which I will attempt to not break again...