William (v_aporized)'s Introduction


Chief Customer Officer
Lifetime Donator
Feb 21, 2023
Louisville, Kentucky
Hey, my name is William, I am currently in high school & plan to pursue a career in law enforcement upon graduating. I grew up in South Carolina & recently moved to Louisville, Kentucky in order to attend a better school. I enjoy waking my neighbors up with my car every morning when I go to school.

  • Gaming (I'm on my high school's Esports team)
  • Assisting people in general (online & in real life)
  • Organizing things (my setup, files, etc)

My Background within Mountain Interactive

I joined Mountain Interactive late November of 2021, I bought premium & got addicted to the game, but it eventually got boring for me and I left for a month, then came back in January of 2022. I then became a mentor & then became a moderator a little later, I was a regular staff member for an extremely long time, where I then became a member of the customer service team, which was called "genius" at the time. The team was later disbanded and I became a community manager under NLACo who was the CAO at the time. I then got promoted to corporate for the sole purpose of responding to tickets & general supervision of the company. I later became the Chief Customer Officer & that is where I still am today.

My General Life Advice

Don't give up, seriously, if you genuinely want to pursue a dream or do something to make a difference, do it.

Thanks for reading,
William (v_aporized)