1. NEW_Mjulek

    How do I get whitlisted for RSSO?

    After the recent update now most of the teams are paid to join and my laptop can)t barley run the game already so there’s no sense in paying 60 PLN per month I can barley run. I can’t see any chanells realating to whitelists for such things + I can’t ask anyone on the discord since I can’t chat...
  2. jamcrain

    Whitelist Application

    Date of Application: [27/03/2024] * Member Identification Number: [30432] * YOUR INFORMATION Mountain Interactive Username: [jamcrain] Discord Username: [Mr. Jameson] Roblox Username: [jamcrain] Country / Timezone: [USA/CST] Do you have a microphone? (Choose by adding a *) [* ] Yes [ ] No...
  3. David

    Whitelist Application Form [MI-05 FORM]

    Application for Whitelist Status for Mountain Interactive 03/13/2024 Make post title: Username's Whitelist Application `` START COPY & PASTE INTO NEW POST Date of Application: [__/__/2024] * Member Identification Number: [____________] * (Can be found in your profile URL) YOUR INFORMATION...