1. Babyshemtan

    Staff Report

    Roblox Username: Babyshemtan Discord ID944720652240318516 REPORTING CONTENTS: Staff Username: Bagel Discord Username or ID Unknown Description Of the Incident: This staff member initiated a peacetime rendition without enforcing it whatsoever. A multitude of individuals eluded, shot at...
  2. Timmy22444

    How do Staff Define RDM?

    I understand that Rdm is murdering someone with 0 reasons in RP but I was banned even though I did have a reason too the other thing is the clip for the ban doesn't even show anything other than the sound of me shooting someone, But besides the point what do staff classify as RDM cuz some staff...
  3. kayden135


    How can I join staff?
  4. R

    my friend got banned for staff thinking he killed him while he was in cuff using shift

    Roblox Username: WaterMan0815 Discord id: idk Your Rp Name: can't remember since i got banned Why i should get unbanned: I did nothing while some guy shot officer and then staff taught i killed him but i was in cuff proof...
  5. D

    Staff Report

    REPORTING CONTENTS: Staff Username: @DarkShadow_Night157 Discord Username or ID: The staff member user is darkshadow_night. My username is deano.main. Description Of the Incident: I responded to a panic call on the sheriff team. I arrived on scene and there was multiple offices. There was one...
  6. Emiliopolicepants

    Staff member report

    Roblox Username: Emiliopolicepants Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): 831868155386658826 Your RP Name: emilie jackson Roblox Username of the player you're reporting: haydenfish# Discord Username of the player you're reporting: (optional) Give us an Incident Description: I was doing my dutys...
  7. Slotr8

    Roblox Username: Slotr8Discord ID: 925401613777121371 Your RP Name: Bishop DavisBan Length: Permanently Banning Staff Member: @DeSantisReality V-T

    Hello, this is my new appeal. I've thought long and hard and have read the rules of the server and game rules multiple times and have found what I have been doing wrong. I do accept the fact that I had done something horribly wrong and against the rules, which I will attempt to not break again...
  8. FaniRaphaell2000

    Staff Report

    Roblox Username: FaniRaphaell2000 Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): 1207676058778865675 REPORTING CONTENTS: Staff Username: joshberret Discord Username or ID: joshberret Description Of the Incident: My friend was getting arrested and I threatened the cops at the scene, saying something...
  9. dababy19341

    Staff Report

    Roblox Username: dababy19341 Discord ID: 1149869845513506886 REPORTING CONTENTS: Staff Username: NumberlessInvincible Discord Username or ID: NumberlessInvincible Description Of the Incident: I was patrolling as RPD when i heard very loud honking so i go and check what happened and it was...
  10. Dxvxds


    Roblox Username: Dxvxds Discord ID: 896842348099686431 Your RP Name: David Foster Roblox Username of the player you're reporting:Trucksloco Discord Username of the player you're reporting: *cant find* Give us an Incident Description: Left to avoid arrest Twice forgot to clip 2nd time. He left...