1. Goku0

    Asking A question/ any chance to get unbanned but i really don't care if I get declined

    Roblox Username:WaterMan0815 Discord id: Don't know how to find Your Rp Name: Connor McGrath Ban Length: Perm Ban Reason: OSP Why I should be unbanned: So It's a question to me If I get unbanned im good I WON'T do mistakes but The question is is it possible to me to get unbanned since I broked...
  2. kayden135


    What is are teamspeak name and password?
  3. branmol

    Question where to find specific sheriff livery

    So earlier ingame, I saw someone with this sick Los Angeles Sheriff Department explorer livery, now im not sure which one it is, and where I can obtain it. So I am asking where I can get it. Heres an exact picture I found online.
  4. inlovingmemory

    question about factions/gangs

    Do gangs have to be fictional in order to not VTOS? Thanks
  5. Liv_egg

    Question About Titanium Rank

    With the release of V4 in a few days, I returned to purchase a new subscription and looked at the Titainuim rank. I wondered if the 100 inserts/cars and all the perks would be transferred to V4. I was looking to see what inserts would be in V4 and the extras only had 2 things for sale including...
  6. BigRandy239

    Perris V4 question + Teamspeak

    In V4 will the ppl who purchased the 9.99/month subscription off roblox retain that access in V4 to those teams? Or will we have to purchase a premium account? And follow up. Does the current V2.5 servers have a vocal radio system? Or teamspeak and I don't know what it is? And will we have that...
  7. kayden135


    Can someone please give me access V4 I would be very grateful?
  8. kayden135


    Can someone give me access to the dispatch and all of the CHP vehicles?
  9. Misheelt12344bro


    i got banned from main server and am i allowed to patrol as rpd (im rpd)
  10. weluvgabe

    Hello, small question.

    Hi, before I start this I am aware of my small record which is pretty small but I'm sure I've brought this up before. Before Mountain kind of blew up to all this I previously bought Lifetime VIP/Premium when you guys were having a sale and when I got banned I believe this or last year for some...
  11. Misheelt12344bro


    I got banned from MI servers for saying "Pedophile" and got class d violation ban is that fair???
  12. kazzo

    which one is more worth and how does it work

    first is the Roblox subscription you can buy from Roblox more worth it or the 30 dollar one here? also with the 30 dollar one here how does it go to my Roblox account?
  13. Buddy200916

    Unbanned question

    So i got unbanned and when i load into the roblox game it still says i am banned there. dose anyone know how to fix this? or staff can you fix this?
  14. itsjakobi007

    Appeal Ban question

    Hey so my appeal was handled in which got denied by @devvy I would like to ask if I could know when I could get unbanned. When you guys talked about trolling I assumed about in game. I'm sorry for my actions as I was very new and unaware of the rules. I promise I won't do it again. Roblox...
  15. T

    Question about discord ban.

    My appeal got denied because i am "blacklisted?" how can i see where i am "blacklisted" and how can i appeal it?
  16. rubledn

    How will I be able to join SAHP team now?

    So in Perris I would like to join the SAHP team but cant because I dont know how. The gamepass is not currently for sale?
  17. SonicFu12

    Fort Loredo question;

    Hello I was seeing about the link regarding Fort Laredo witch has stated this after clicking on the link to the page any fixes?
  18. BATMAN542

    Banned from main server for no reason given

    Roblox Username: fnnyman12384 Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): Your RP Name: Dustin Duke Ban Length: Was not on the ban list Banning Staff Member It did not tell me who ban me from discord server Ban Reason: I got banned after i said stop fighting, yall acting like kids! Why I should be...
  19. ihave_Evidence

    Ban Appeal

    Roblox Username: SADROBLOXBOY12341 Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): 1072353161844637857 Your RP Name: Alexander Banks Ban Length: 1 Day Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): Ban Reason: LTAA Why I should be unbanned: So when i was in the game i was...
  20. ihave_Evidence

    Ban Appeal

    Roblox Username: SADROBLOXBOY12341 Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): 1072353161844637857 Your RP Name: Alexander Banks Ban Length: Permantantly Banned Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): joshberret#0 Ban Reason: GL Why I should be unbanned: The reason i should be...