1. RATM

    can’t delete this 😭

  2. I

    Premium Benefits not working

    I just bought Premium after cancelling my gold benefits, but whenever I join the game I'm only getting the gold benefits. Anyway to fix this, I really want my Premium benefits.
  3. B

    Help with premium

    So recently I had just got platinum today and was wondering if you could cancel my gold and upgrade me to platinum so I can get in-game permissions please and thank you.
  4. kayden135


    I just need premium because I want to try out the new update and I have no money so can someone please gift me premium?
  5. kayden135


    Can someone please gift me premium?
  6. kayden135


    Can someone please gift me premium i do not have money?
  7. kayden135

    What if you’re not premium

    How can you play the new update but I am not premium?
  8. kayden135

    What if you’re not premium

    What if you're not premium
  9. Aiden339020

    Mi premium

    I bought the 20$ pack and it did not go to my Roblox
  10. madmatt1212

    i bought the premium subscription and i've wait almost an hour with none of the perks

    i bought it it said im a premium member on the website but ingame its a different story
  11. E

    how do i become MI premium

    i was wondering what i need to do to become MI premium.
  12. FireFighter2398

    How to change sirens on premium extra vehicles.

    I purchased the 2022 EV20 CHP Slicktop Charger and in the description it says that there is the 2022 siren and whelen chp siren. I've asked in the premium chat and everyone gave me good answers on what buttons to try. Now I'm starting to think that maybe I misread it. Did I? If not, what...

    Personal/Custom vehicles

    Will they ever make a return? I heard about like a couple weeks ago it was supposed to be getting ported over or something and then I never heard anything after that. So I just wanted to check
  14. Valenzuela253

    Subscription advertising

    So when I'm playing,  I regularly use perks and I get asked quite often what "Premium" is and how much it is.    Q:How can I get people more interested in the $7-$280 fee? (What are some secrets like the siren toggle, beanbag shotgun, and more interesting things about Perris?)