1. AntsFriend_8

    Permanent Ban

    Roblox Username: AntsFriend_8 Discord ID 1163163084647583794 Your RP Name: Matthew Evans Ban Length: Perm Banning Staff Member 1035288337117880471 Ban Reason: Exploiting Why I should be unbanned: Well I wasn't exploiting the health at random went up to infinite dark said it could be a glitch...
  2. Emberlax

    Perm Ban Appeal

    Roblox Username: @Emberlax (no display name) Discord ID: 1195971561560223875 RP Name: Joshua Ramirez Ban Length: Permanent Ban Moderator: 514517287496318978 (Possibly left? Couldnt find their username) Ban Reason: IP Logging Why I should be unbanned: It was plenty of months ago, around 6...