1. Kosov

    Ban Appeal

    Roblox Username: Sc00ty_YT Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): Your RP Name: Savannah Lester Ban Length: perma Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): 474266114927624204 @ronitp831 Ban Reason: Technically VTOS. I was joking around with a guy who was talking about how...
  2. nimadbi

    Ban Appeal (Help)

    Hello, why got I declined? I did everything right and I already said I couldn't do anything! So please take a look again, I already said I'm sorry! I didn't know this was RDM, I thought it belongs to the RP. And I dont get it also. 1x RDM = permban !?!? I thought a warn would be okay, but a...