1. CrayonsJustTasteGood

    PBAN Appeal

    Roblox Username: OddChirry Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): 1110700590444589098 Your RP Name: Alvarado Bautista Ban Length: Permanent Banning Staff Member : 474244120680988692 Ban Reason: RDM, LTAP, TK Why I should be unbanned: I realize now that what I did was wrong and unacceptable. I...
  2. h_vcn

    pban appeal

    Roblox Username:h_vcn Discord ID (Ex. 709881578058285127): 302795034028408835 Your RP Name: ? Ban Length: permanent Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @514517287496318978 Ban Reason: VTOS Why I should be unbanned:I do not know how i violated tos but i am sorry for...
  3. Emberlax

    Perm Ban Appeal

    Roblox Username: @Emberlax (no display name) Discord ID: 1195971561560223875 RP Name: Joshua Ramirez Ban Length: Permanent Ban Moderator: 514517287496318978 (Possibly left? Couldnt find their username) Ban Reason: IP Logging Why I should be unbanned: It was plenty of months ago, around 6...