long beach

  1. lucasl4285

    Suggestion for both Long Beach & Perris

    Add a better system to keep away people who aren't going to roleplay. I know you guys have an enforcer bind script on during the weekends to keep away 8 year olds, but that only helps keep away little kids. It does NOTHING else to help prevent RDMers, FRPers, etc. I don't know any types of...

    Add a drug system for long beach like the one in old perris

    I know Roblox might have something to say about this but just rename the ingredients and the name of the products to smth else so Roblox can't do anything about it. It would be nice to see the salamanca cartel active again in the new game selling "bricks"
  3. rubledn

    Long Beach Suggestion.

    Dear Mountain Interactive, Hi, I'm rubledn (lcePhonk), one of your regular players. I've only been playing your game since March this year, but I have a request for your upcoming game, Long Beach. I think it would be a good idea to either make all public service teams paid or require training...