1. B

    Perma banned for 1 glitch through a wall,

    Hi im liking to make a ban appeal for being banned for one singular glitch through a wall, i was not given a warning nor was i told i was getting a ban. And if i can please get this perma banned removed im not gonna do it again.
  2. LogicFox

    Accepted FRP + GL appeal

    Roblox Username: Logic_Fox Discord ID: 717331823180513301 Ban Length: Permanent Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @monsterenergycorp Ban Reason: Fail RolePlay + Glitching Why I Should Be Unbanned: I would like to discuss the reason that got me banned from...
  3. Hudsterguy

    Roblox glitch

    I am trying to connect accounts in mountain and connect to Roblox. I tried 3 accounts. THREE and it didn't accept a single one. password and user.
  4. RangerNTM

    CHP Chargers bug

    CHP chargers work fine when your all by yourself but when ever theres a passenger or a restrained person in the back. it doesnt go anywhere in drive