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  1. XxMe_Rank77

    CHP Polar bear dodge and slicktops

    There should be CHP polar bears and slicktop it would be pretty fun
  2. numbah12

    CHP Vehicle Suggestion - Dodge Ram 2018 2500 Hemi 6.4 Liter

    The CHP doesn't have an extensive fleet in-game or in real life unless your part of an division within the agency. One vehicle that isn't specific to an division is the Dodge Ram 2018 25000 Hemi 6.4 Liter pickup. The vehicle has two main components which is the cabin and then the transporting...
  3. Coolmaazin

    CHP Charger Bugged

    Hey! So whenever i transport a suspect in the CHP Charger, it caps its speed to 30mph,
  4. Valenzuela253

    Traffic Stop Pictures

    April ‎5, ‎2024.
  5. Valenzuela253

    CHP Pictures

    Various pictures of CHP on patrol and on call.
  6. Valenzuela253

    RPD/CHP Motor Units

    RPD and CHP Motor Units out on the Perris Overpass. Featuring harrybez2.
  7. Skulliboyo

    CHP Vest

    Maybe give the California Highway Patrol a vest. Like the one attached to the Picture or a custom one would be nice For the looks
  8. P

    Why are the sherrif and CHP teams going under a subscription?

    The fact that so many other things for perris are INSANELY expensive (cars go up to hundreds of dollars) makes this worse. I am sorry for being a critic or anything, because this isnt my place to speak. I understand the fact that some people may not do well on the teams but that doesn't justify...
  9. ciafiIes

    Rouge CHP Officer

    Roblox Username: ciafiIes Your RP Name: Tyler Anderson Roblox Username of the player you're reporting: Evil192021 Discord Username of the player you're reporting: N/A ( No Discord could be attained at the time) Give us an Incident Description: Hello, I was casually playing Perris earlier...
  10. RangerNTM

    CHP Chargers bug

    CHP chargers work fine when your all by yourself but when ever theres a passenger or a restrained person in the back. it doesnt go anywhere in drive
  11. Valenzuela253

    California Highway Patrol

    California Highway Patrol Pictures. - Crash Scene on I-215 - 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility at Exit 17 - Unknown Year Dodge Durango Pursuit near Denny's - 2020 Dodge Charger Pursuit Near Passion Estates
  12. Valenzuela253

    CHP Motor Units

    California Highway Patrol Motor Division on Emphasis Patrol along Perris roadways and Interstate 215.
  13. Valenzuela253

    Perris, CA (Pictures)

  14. Valenzuela253

    Victor Valley Pictures