appeal denied

  1. bjbjhghg

    Ban Appeals/Waiting on David

    Roblox Username: bjbjhghg Discord Tag Cheesey#3737 Your RP Name: Abigail Alan Ban Length: 280 years Banning Staff Member @mountaininteractive#0 Ban Reason: RDM x1 Why I should be unbanned: This ban is ridiculous. I was only killing a cop because that cop shot me for no reason before. Well, that...
  2. M

    ON HOLD / Waiting on David

    Roblox Username: McclureLogan Discord Tag pollo8312 Your RP Name: Dennis Cleveland Ban Length: Permantantly Banned Banning Staff Member @Metro_Division Ban Reason: abuse of glitches / tos vio Why I should be unbanned: This ban has nothing to do with what occured. First off I was driving...
  3. Whatchuknowaboutt

    Ban appeal /Waiting on David

    Roblox username: Whatchuknowaboutt Discord tag: Whatchuknowaboutt#5746 Your RP Name: Cooper Anderson Ban Length: Perm. Banning Staff Member: @Metro_division Ban reason: alt Why I should be unbanned: I have no alt account, I only use "Whatchuknowaboutt" I joined Perris and was afk for 1 minute, I...