Unban Dynoahsaur in the Mountain Interactive Discord


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Jun 29, 2023
Roblox Username: Jeffdanan0910 

Discord User: noahpoopoo or Dynoahsaur

RP name: Macdonald Mcdonald

Ban Length: Permanently

Member that banned me: @Xollare

Ban Reason: NSFW? Talked about stuff I shouldn't have.

Why I should be unbanned: Okay, so I was talking in the Mountain Interactive Discord server and I was talking about how this new update was kind of a mes because 30 minute cooldown to buy a gun is kind of crazy, considering most RP is formed when civilians get a chance to cause chaos by any means, espicially weapons. However, this quickly escalated into multiple server members talking about bans and macroing and what's bannable or whatnot, somehow, a known user named Smelter, decided to say that he was arguing with a bunch of 11 year olds (which is true check discord logs) and I made the joke that I was 10 and tommorow was my birthday. Then, Smelter decided to screenshot the message that I was 10, which I am not I am 14 years old, going into sophmore year, and start spamming the message around. I understand that some of the things I have said could have done more damage than I thought it was which led to the following message of me saying "wow that means you rape children." Let me give you context and you make check logs and some of the screenshots I will attatch to this appeal. Basically, it was just jokes with me and a very well known mod @Tristan. I do also have a witness, @NoahAndrus or @jackson0 on Discord. We were joking around with Tristan and then other users like @WinFps and @hunterf1010103 and @smelter decide to jump in and start arguing with me. As a 14 year old, I use much of the "slang" used today. I decided to say that all three of these people were "meat riding me" and they wouldn't "hop off" because they kept trying to ban me for being underage, which I am not and they keep trying to use it against me which is very annoying. In my opinion, the slang used signaled that there was some sexual reference, which probably shouldn't have thought of, and once @Smelter decided to copy and paste the same message of me saying I was 10 as a joke, I decided that it was an okay idea to talk about raping children. However, this idea only surfaced because he posted a screenshot of me being 10 and the already surfaced thoughts of gay, sexual references. As you can tell, you can probably put the pieces together. I know what I said was inappropriate in many ways, but I in no sort of way meant it. I absolutely hate the idea of minors being sexually harrased and why would I make that joke if I am also a minor. I am not saying that what I said was okay, and I am truly sorry for what I said. I actually didn't think it would be that serious considering the heat of the moment, but now I can see how disgusting it looks. I hope you can see where I am coming from and find it in your heart to unban me from the Discord server. I promise to not make any sort of minority joke to anyone and I can assure you that what I said, is not what I meant. Once again, I am truly sorry for what I said, and hope you can understand my perspective of the situation and looked to see how they made me feel. 

Time of occurence: July 2, 11:18 P.M.

Additional members involved: @Tristan @NoahAndrus or @Jackson0 on Discord, @WInFps, @Smelter, @hunterf1010103, @sketskatfet, and maybe other members looking at chat

I have read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules. 

P.S. I won't have a lot of the screenshots but please check chat logs in general. There you will find context.


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