Theres a problem?

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  • Apr 8, 2023
    8/20/2023 - 8/24/2023
    Been looking into this since and still cant figure it out.

    Dev-talk is suppose to be for developers correct?

    But you have to get the role by being active on forums, stated david. --->  image.png

    I've did some digging into this and found out that even if you're active such as me, and other people but this isn't the case so if you're active on fourms you don't even need to be, other people such as BATMAN542, ChaseTactical_rblx, fxturebound, and last but no least kaireoooo (Not even a developer NO HATE) These members I've listed isn't to hate on them as some of them are my friends but are used as examples because, they only had atleast 1 post using fourms, while other members such as pim coming in with 144 post, and me coming in with 33, still haven't even gotten the role even as we do development and are developers.

    ---> from what david said that you need to be active on forums isn't true its not even close to that, its who the high comm feels as if they want that member to have that role, even then only one person does it which i'm not tottally sure but thinking it could be len ( NO HATE ) if this is true and all I feel as if ya'll can implement a system where a bot check who is active, within the community forms and which then mountain ware gives the role, I'm a developer and been trying to get this role for a while and still haven't gotten this even though I'm active.

    I feel as this "active forums to get the role" could be better or have someone go through and check who talks everyday, other than that this concludes my thoughts, and my investagtion proves that people arent active but still gets it and how is that.

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