Take away inserts from the gold subscription


May 24, 2023
I feel like the inserts for gold are a bit dumb. Since prices have lowered idk why they would give gold inserts? ever since gold members had inserts it has been chaos. to vans and other free inserts being abused such as, the van, leo cars, weapons, etc, now im not saying the same thing couldnt be applied for us plat members but when it was just plat members it was a alot more controlled and mature but now its chaos. What do you guys think?

As a Gold Member myself, I am getting your point and that I respect it for how correct it is, however now not all Gold Members do such chaos, consequently you would possibly punish Gold Members who didn't do anything, however my own concept is that the moderation group have to place a little bit of attention towards insert abusage and allow players report said players for such component aswell, players may get banned/warned and others might worry of being banned or warned and there we've got a greater controllable environment with golds and plats having inserts.

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