SurgeTheGreat543's Whitelist Application


New member
Nov 1, 2023
Date of Application: [04/02/2024] *
Member Identification Number: [22058]

Mountain Interactive Username: [SurgeTheGreat543]
Discord Username: [surge4330]
Roblox Username: [SurgeTheGreat543]
Country / Timezone: [United States, EST]

Do you have a microphone?
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Are you at least 14 Years Old? (Choose by adding a *)
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Why are you interested in joining Mountain Interactive's Official Whitelist Community?

I am interested in joining Mountain Interactive’s Official Whitelist Community because I have been playing the games developed by Mountain Interactive and I aim to enhance the roleplaying experience for all players within the community.
What experience and roleplay do you want to bring over to our whitelisted experience?
I want to bring LEO roleplay into the game, focusing on realistic interactions and procedures that law enforcement officers follow in the real world. This includes conducting traffic stops, handling emergencies, and engaging with the community in a professional manner.
You're in a roleplay situation on a traffic stop where you have been pulled over, explain
how you would react in a roleplay setting?
When the officer approaches my vehicle, I would greet them politely and follow their instructions. I would provide all necessary documents such as my driver’s license, registration, and insurance when requested. It is crucial to answer any questions truthfully and avoid making any sudden movements that could be perceived as a threat.
You are a gun store owner and you have a customer, how would you handle this transaction in a roleplay setting?
  1. Greet the customer and ask how I can assist them.
  2. Ask about the type of firearm they are looking for, their level of experience with firearms, and the intended use of the gun.
  3. Provide information on different types of firearms available, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc., and discuss the features and benefits of each option.
  4. Answer any questions the customer may have regarding safety measures, gun laws, maintenance requirements, and proper handling techniques.
  5. Assist the customer in selecting a firearm that meets their needs and preferences, ensuring they understand how to operate it safely and responsibly.-
    For instance, you are at a party with your friends at someone's house. Someone in the house pulls a gun. What would you do? (Please explain in heavy detail including your actions, calling 911, and further details)
  6. Stay Calm: The first and most crucial step in this situation is to remain calm. Panicking can escalate the situation and put yourself and others in danger.
  7. Assess the Situation: Try to assess the intent of the person holding the gun. Are they agitated, threatening, or simply showing off? Understanding their behavior can help you determine the best course of action.
  8. Ensure Safety: If possible, try to move away from the person with the gun discreetly. Encourage others to do the same without drawing attention to yourselves.
  9. Call 911: Once you are in a safe location, call 911 immediately. Provide them with your location, details of the situation, and any other relevant information that can help law enforcement respond effectively.
  10. Follow Instructions: If the person with the gun demands something from you or your group, comply without resistance. Your safety is paramount, and material possessions can be replaced.
  11. Seek Shelter: If there is a room or area where you can safely barricade yourselves until help arrives, do so. Lock doors if possible and stay out of sight.
  12. Cooperate with Law Enforcement: When law enforcement arrives, follow their instructions carefully and provide them with any information that can assist in resolving the situation peacefully.
    What is realistic roleplay grammar and how does it work?
    In realistic roleplay, grammar plays a crucial role in creating a believable and immersive experience for all participants. Proper grammar usage enhances the quality of interactions and helps in maintaining consistency within the roleplaying environment.

    You are in a traffic stop and you have 5 cops with guns pointed at you forcing you to get out of your vehicle, what choices would be (WRONG) Fail Roleplay / Against the rules? (Choose by adding a *)

    [ ] Option A: I'd put my hands up, step out of the vehicle, and hit the ground.
    [* ] Option B: Drive away and tell them they are failing roleplaying!
    [* ] Option C: Pull out an AK-47 and shoot everyone I see.
    [ ] Option D: I'd resist the officer and dart down the alleyway.

    You're being chased by the cops and your vehicle hits a wall, what are the CORRECT actions?
    (Choose by adding a *)

    [ ] Option A: *Vehicle Hits Wall* / Roleplays Injuries to body / Goes to the hospital to get checked out / Gets Booked into Jail.
    [* ] Option B: *Vehicle Hits Wall* / Continues driving as if nothing happened.
    [ ] Option C: *Vehicle Hits Wall* / *Vehicle Catches Fire* / *Crawls out* / *Cops Detain you* / *EMS is called etc.*
    [* ] Option D: *Vehicle Hits Wall* / *Hard Crash w/ Fire and Smoke* / *Jumps out of car* / *Pulls out AK-47 and shoots everyone*

Do you understand that our whitelisted section is for players who want a realistic experience?
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[ ] I Do Not Acknowledge and wish to opt out of these terms.

Do you understand that you must have a microphone, use correct grammar and roleplay into the character that you create?

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Do you understand that moderation penalties carry over to all our games and understand to abide by our Terms & Conditions and to abide by our Game Rules for our whitelisted community?

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