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Feb 25, 2023
Roblox Username: i1775i/Bill

Roblox ID: 904551107

Link to your Roblox Profile:

Discord Tag (ex. DiscordName#1111): .50 BMG SLAP ROUND#3131

Timezone / Country: EST

Age: 17.

What made you want to apply for a position with MI? To start off, I wanted to apply for Mountain Interactive Staff for a list of reasons, some of which I will state in this application. For my first reason, I would like to be able to help and better the community wether that be in-game or via Discord. I love to help others and be able to guide them on RP and overall get to know the community better. Secondly, I desire being able to better the game and enforcing the rules. What this means is that I would be on top of any broken rules, all to be able to make the quality of game and RP better for the ones who are truly trying to play it and not ruin it. I wish to make all Mountan Interactive games the best on the platform, RP and community wise. To follow up, I feel competant enough to hold the posistion with the amount of experience I have, which will make the quality of community and RP in-game better. For Discord, I would love to mentor those, no getting it confused with the Mentor role, but when Mentors are not avalible, I would love to be able to step in and guide users in the right direction and maybe give them some pointers on RP or answer a few question. It's what I'm here for. Lastly, and I know I already stated this before, but I would love to get to know the community more than I already do. Obviouslly as a Moderator I am going to be handing out punishments, but I would still love to get to know the community and not be known as "the guy who bans people", I want to become friends with most people here and be able to spread my knowledge and help other to the best of my ability. I think that's why I am applying for this position at Mountain Interactive.

Considering your strengths and weaknesses, why should we select you? Well, to consider my strenghts and weaknesses, I figure I should list them.

My strenghts are as follows: Leadership, mentorship, precision, tactfulness, working in high presure situations, knowledge, proffesionalism, and much more.
My weaknesses follow: Now there aren't many, but I'm not glorifying myself. Personally, I would most likely say that being overflowed with information, and not being informed on things are my main weaknesses.

Now to follow up with why you should sellect me, oh boy, here comes a big paragrapgh. Anywho, I KNOW you should select me for many reasons, some of the reasons I will list. So starting off strong, my experience, I have been near and far within the RP communities, I have worked as a moderator from everything from a military group, all the way to cafe groups. I know just about everything around the do's, don'ts, and rules of RP, but I am still open to learn more about RP and I'm sure I will here in this position if I do get accepted. Secondly, I am almost always online, unless I am working, meaning I am EXTREAMLY active. I'm not really involved with any other communities so I am going to defenitly prioritize this group as It is important to me. Lastly, I know you should select me as a Staff Member as I am extremely proffesional and I know what I'm doing. I love to learn and I love to mentor, which is exactly what I will be able to do with this position, but as well as being able to make the game better by enforcing it's rules and getting rid of the people that are trying to ruin the game or community. I will maintain that, as long as I am, not only a staff member, but a member of the community here at Mountain Interactive. To finialize this, I know you should choose me for this position, I WILL NOT let you down.

Do you have any staffing experience in other communities? I most defenitly do! To put it in a list, I have worked as a staff member for these groups for around or over the timespan of one month:

RCPD:FR Community (Near 2 years): Enforcement Moderator, Developer, and Discord Moderator
Alpha 5/Backwoods Law (6 Months): Public Relations Officer, Moderator
United States Navy(2 and a half years): Deputy Director of NCIS, Executive Officer of Officer Candidate School, Senior Enlisted Advisor (CMC) of Naval Special Warfare Command, Senior Enlisted Advisor of Master At Arms, Senior Instructor for Carrier Air Wing 9, and Senior Ambassador with the Forign Affairs Division.
United States Marine Corps (2 years): Commanding Officer of Air Wing, Commanding Officer of the Corpsman Battalion, Pilot, Squad Leader, Drill Instructor, Recruiter, Combat Instructor, etc.
Bill's United States Marine Corps (1 year): Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff/Owner
Patriotic Uniform Apperal(1 year): Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
Mountain High RP (3 months/FiveM Server): Moderation Director
South Metro Fire Rescue/Woodland Park Fire District (6 Months): Developer, Assistant Chief
Warren County, MI. (6 Months): Community Manager, Developer, Head Administrator, Internal Affairs, and Human Resources Officer
Alachua County, FL (4 Months): Owner and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Commisioners
SpeedQB (4 Months): CEO and Chairman of the Board
Marine Barracks Washington (3 months): Sergeant Major
Arc Labs (1 year): Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Aerospace Officer
1st Special Operation Detatchment - Delta (5 Months): Executive Officer, Sergeant Major, and Medical Sergeant
Roblox County Sheriff's Officer Task Force (5 Months): Major, and Commanding Officer
United States Customs and Border Patrol (6 months): Co-Owner

Every other USMC I've been an officer in for over a month: Spans from O1, Second LT, to O9, Lt. General
Every other Military I've been an administrator or officer in for over 2 months: Spans from Captain to General, and in the case of the Navy, Ensign to Admiral.
And MUCH, MUCH more.

Have you ever been a member of Staff with MI, or a Mentor with MI? No, I have not, but I look forward to!

Were you referred to apply by a current member of staff? If yes, who? Yes, I have been endorsed and reffered by TinyDarappah, vy_ea, chevy, and DarkX_Division.

Did you review the Staff requirements? (y/n) Yes, I did.

Did you spellcheck your application? (y/n) Yes, I most defenitly did.
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Feb 20, 2023
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