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Server Ban Appeal

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May 12, 2023
My roblox user is ChxseStryker and my discord is ChxseStryker#4083. My ban length is 4 days

I was banned for SI and RDM, but I explained to the scene moderator that while it may look random the person who was about to be arrested by the police is the same person I was RPing with at the time.

So you are aware basically me and RIPBALDZULU were essentially on the run together, we took separate vehicles so that if one got stopped the other could help and intervene to free them, we ended up getting separated during a pursuit but by the time I caught up to him he was being chased by cops, so I tried to intervene but ultimately died as a result. 

Below is the evidence used which obviously only shows when I arrived onto the scene after my friend crashed, so while it may come across as RDM there is more to it than just this one scene. 


Below is the screenshot showing we are friends on roblox and that he is not just a random person that we are indeed playing together.


I think it is more of a misunderstanding as it does looks like RDM but having explained the story to the MOD and shown that he's not a random person i'm interfering with I feel like this should have been considered when before making the ban.


I have reviewed all of the evidence and I have noticed your extensive record within Mountain Interactive. Please be sure that once your ban expires you follow all of Mountain Interactive's rules set forth to ensure a fun playing environment for all. 

All the best

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