Returning Roleplay to Perris


Apr 8, 2023
What do I mean?

As the past few months have gone by, I've seen first-hand numerous changes to both Perris and the MI community as a whole, the most recent of which being the introduction of V3. Throughout this time, it's occurred to me, and this is from the perspective of a staff member who generally oversees this sort of stuff, that RP has honestly diminished from Perris. Thinking back to older days when I first discovered this game, we had plenty of ways to enjoy the game. I'll go into and explain some of these in a more indepth way.


Organizations used to be the bread and butter of Perris. First you join MI, you go ingame, and you get recruited by many people from a myriad of gangs, cartels, agencies, etc. These played a pivotal role in the way Perris played. Law Enforcement agencies would develop structured ways to patrol, enforce crime, and communicate with one another, allowing for a much more direct way to connect with proper roleplayers and enjoy the game with them. Want to patrol with a competent partner? Sure, ask in general chat and have someone ingame in 5 minutes. Want to collaborate with criminal organizations to make BOLO's on high importance people? Sure! It brought a whole new dimension of roleplay to Perris, and were really important to how people interacted with another. Even moreso, criminal organizations also played a huge part of this. The most notable and the biggest organization that ever was made in Perris was the infamous Perris Armers, a group I was apart of, and was a large (~200 members) of gun traffickers. Using this as an example, criminals had a way to organize themself and be apart of better RP, such as arms deals, trafficking weapons, convoys, organized robberies, staff events, etc etc etc. Other organizations such as gangs could interact with each other in different ways, and while not available the whole time, used to be able to declare wars on each other. This all allowed players to have the sort of roleplay that Perris lacks now, there is no longer any notable factions, no longer any conflicts or backgrounds behind why your character does this or that, you just run around and shoot people. Organizations provided that WHY into the equation. We had an ingame faction menu, a channel in discord to advertise factions, etc etc.


Twitter used to be a channel within the Mountain Interactive discord as well. Not only did this allow for a cool out of game roleplay method, but also was a prime time for individual factions and players to interact with each other. LEO agencies often made official statements about crime, police activity, etc. Criminals could bash on each other (in good spirits of course), and I myself had a News Faction that often posted videos, articles, etc about ingame happenings around Perris. It plays into the whole reason I believe organizations should be returned and ENDORSED AND SUPPORTED by Mountain Interactive, and was a great way to interact with others in a fun way.

Staff RP's

Staff ran RP's used to be huge in Perris, and while they've started to make a small return, it's still not enough to fully say they're back. I believe staff members should be willing and able to perform these sort of roleplays for players, as I believe, and I hope you'll all agree with me, makes for a much better experience. Not only does this give fires for FD, robberies for PD to deal with, and emergencies for AMR to respond to, it expands BEYOND just that. Things like protests, collapsed / broken objects and buildings, car crashes, traffic, riots, and ANYTHING we as staff can imagine. To conclude, I simply believe staff should be obligated or required to perform staff RP's and I think you as the players should try to participate, I believe you'll find it's alot more enjoyable than getting shot every 2.5 seconds.

Firearm Restrictions

Out of all the things to touch on, this might be the most sensitive. Some believe guns for all premium, some believe in none. In short, I think it's because the current system of economy we have in place in Perris is extremely bland and outdated. There are practically no jobs to work for civilians nor need / want to, and no reason to get money other than for guns. Even the old system of growing drugs and selling them for guns was better than what we have now, with the drug system being so niche practically nobody makes use of it, rather than before where it was a great source of roleplay, cash, and things to do both for LEO and criminal organizations. Although we as players (and staff) cannot fix this issue, I think it should be considered so we can think of what COULD be. Jobs where you work because you need money and are atleast somewhat enjoyable, with a decent variety to choose from and a clear goal to accomplish. Perhaps more illegal ways of gaining cash, etc. Simply put, the reason so many people hate taking guns from Premium, is because cash is near unobtainable and not fun to work for nor easy. If we simply revamped the economy and actually gave it a purpose, not only would this make for more roleplay outside shootings, it would also allow for an enjoyable grind to obtain firearms and keep premium players happy. Infact, we could have illegal dealers of firearms (used to exist, were just NPC's) only accessible to premium players, allowing for organizations such as weapon's traffickers to have a purpose (buy and resell illegal guns for a PROFIT) to people who don't have access. This way, Perris can be seen as less P2W (all people can have access to the same weapons, just at a price) and Premium Players can be kept content while also increasing roleplay and variety of content in the game at the same time.


It's midnight and I'm too lazy to wrap it up bye lol pls give your thoughts in reply section!!!