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Aug 17, 2023
Discord Tag .dylnn_
Your RP Name: David Harris

Roblox Username of the player you're reporting: agent_comp

Discord Username of the player you're reporting: agent_comp

Give us an Incident Description: i got rdmed while im AMR then i was entered inside for say "stop" bc theyre shooting randomly to cops, civils and amr while walking to LC back the ukrainian guy see I'm holding a axe *that was missclick* and he start to shoot at to me after he kills me i spawned at LC and tell him to its RDM why you shooting to AMR for no reason and the black guy said theres agents and cops but were not even a cop then i called pimmy for mass RDM while waiting the pimmy theyre start to bullying me especially that black kid/guy after all pimmy banned me for i say "I'm gonna block this black kid" ik thats a bit racist but i didnt use N-Word.

What rules / offences did the player break: RDM

How long do you think the player be punished for: 12 Hours or only a warn

Time of Occurrence: 9/25/2023
Additional members involved/witnessing: pimmypimson, Galaxy_ewwG


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Hello @DavidHarris

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a Ban Appeal, or a player Report. Could you please verify which one it is, then fill out the report/appeal in the correct category with the correct format. Thank you.

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