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Apr 16, 2023
DeSantisReality staff banned me for 2 days for 1 rdm and it was supposed to be nlr and I'll tell you what happened. I was leaving the SRU base. There was an altercation outside the base. The staff at that time was like a normal player and now that he leaves he tells me no shoo what I do is proceed to use the taser, I go out with the patrol car he gets on the hood and the vehicle bothers me so that I can't move forward and if I move forward, she steps back, she says weee and what I do is shoot her with the glock 9mm like that and I didn't kill her and she banned me from RDM and as far as I know, RDM is when you kill someone and I didn't kill her, I let her hurt, which is something totally different here in the video that you can see ( ?invite =cr- MSxRdDUsMTg5MzU5ODg1LA) in that video you can see that I didn't kill her, he just he hurt her but after hurting her, she takes out a glock and shoots and kills me. Then I come back and see her inside the patrol car she was in. I met her in the patrol car and she literally tried to escape and what I obviously did was kill her but before killing her she killed me first. I know they will say that I have to forget things when one dies like in the fivem role called pk but for some reason there is the body camera role so I don't know what reason it gives to that rdm that previously killed me and me. only. It hurts but in the clip I designed of the RDM you can see that it didn't kill her. And if I'm wrong, please correct me and another thing, when he told me what they were accusing me of, there was little seriousness on their part saying strange things like womp womp.

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Hello @NewDiegoxX,

So, to address an issue with the following statement, the clip you've provided does not seem to work or will work as it doesn't load or such. With that being said, nothing will be done about the staff member in said evidence that you've provided.

I hope you have a great day. 

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