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Apr 8, 2023
Roblox Username: Valenzuela253
Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001): 
Your RP Name: valenzuela1022

Roblox Username of the player you're reporting: Astronlum

Discord Username of the player you're reporting:

Give us an Incident Description: I was running along one of the main streets in Perris and
somebody swerved in front of me and got hit by
another officer.  when I went over to investigate officer Astronlum decided to tase me after disregarding the fact I am LEO in a
conversation depicted on the numbered clips attached.  I was tased
then once I confronted him he decided to pull a gun on me (after he noticed team killing was stopped he cuffed me and we both died when he got hit by a fire truck).

What rules / offences did the player break: Tool Abuse is all I observed. 

How long do you think the player be punished for: one day,  in my opinion.

Time of Occurrence: approximately 4:25 PM (PST),  8/1/2023.
Additional members involved/witnessing: Unknown Trooper who I am advocating for (His name is unknown due to the fact he left the scene).

Video/Evidence Link:,,,,

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