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Apr 25, 2023
United Kingdom
Roblox Username: ThomasMWShelby

Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001): thomasmwshelby

Your RP Name: Joseph Maddox

Roblox Username of the player you're reporting: JohnyBoy1234567

Discord Username of the player you're reporting: (optional)

Give us an Incident Description: So first NLR, he was involved in a barricade at trailer parks and he got killed in the trailer, in the clip u will clearly see his body in the trailer, he then returned straight back and open fired on me hence breaking NLR and revenge killing. He then later was involved in a suicide RP on the Perris bridge, when he was threatening to jump and then jumped rping his own suicide. 

What rules / offences did the player break: NLR, ROBLOX TOS

How long do you think the player be punished for: Unsure 

Time of Occurrence: 

Additional members involved/witnessing: https://medal.tv/games/roblox/clips/1va85li3bEsIv4/d1337a95DA0x?invite=cr-MSw3U2YsMzE3MDE1MjMs https://medal.tv/games/roblox/clips/1vb7F4YjziQpoK/d1337sRa7Kd8?invite=cr-MSxDV0csMzE3MDE1MjMs 

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Good evening @ThomasMWShelby,

We appreciate your report regarding this individual; it contributes to a more enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. The issue has been addressed, and the user has been permanently banned. If you encounter any further problems, please don't hesitate to submit another player report. Thank you for your time.

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