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Apr 8, 2023
xAsianz, ! bro#0001, Blackburn Clark. The guy I am reporting is "aye_teddyy" and "dirtbikeboi86". I was just walking with my friend and I told them to stop shooting their guns and the "aye_teddyy" guy just tase me. My friend got shot also by "dirtbikeboi86", my friend username on discord is "beamsz", another witness was a SRU, his discord is "optimusprimeis0". He helped us with this support report thing. I got clips of this happening, my friend "beamsz" also got clips of this. I think the "aye_teddyy" kid punishment should be atleast 12 hours, all he did was abuse his taser and K9. The "dirtbikeboi86" should get like a day or 2 because he did rdm twice. This altercation happened between 8:14 PM EST to around 8:30 PM EST. I will say again the witnesses, it was my friend "beamsz" and a SRU officer "optimusprimeis0", these are their discords by the way, I don't know their roblox.

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Hello @xAsianz

We appreciate you reporting this person to us and help make the game more enjoyable for people.

This has been dealt with and the user"dirtbikeboi86"  has been banned for 6 DAYS.
This has been dealt with and the user "aye_teddyy" has been banned for 2 DAYS.

If you encounter any other issues, please submit another player report. Thank you for your time!

Have a nice day.

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