RDM between criminal and officer.

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Sep 11, 2023
Roblox Username:TheBoiGamer_xD Discord Tag (Ex. Discord#0001):eli4sure Your RP Name: Elijah Jackson Roblox Username of the player you're reporting: Screen Name: Meko Username: (KSM_(I dont remember the rest of it)) Discord Username of the player you're reporting: (optional) Give us an Incident Description: What rules / offences did the player break: He rdmed a criminal without attempting to steal a cruiser. What happened was this criminal who I don't have the username of ran up to a police cruiser. Got in and drove past a crowd of cops. The Meko guy then quick turned and 4 tapped him with his patrol pistol. Didn't try to chase him, detain him or anything. He just turned and shot no warning. He didn't try to revive him or call for R.A. just shot him and let him sit there and die on the road if he wasn't already dead. I understand technically he could kinda do this but I feel like there should be some sort of decent integrity to try to value your suspects life and try to detain him and not just kill him. How long do you think the player be punished for: I think a 2-3 day ban is sufficient. I mean I watched it but I don't know how severe the punishment should be considering how between the lines this is. I Time of Occurrence: Additional members involved/witnessing: Usernames unknown. (You can skip through the beginning of the video. The offense is at the end and the full username of the person should be shown at the end of the video. If not part of the username is disclosed above.



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