Perris California Ban Appeal.

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Jul 11, 2023
I've seen my first appeal,And i understand why you have Denied me.

Just please give me a second chance.

I personally feel like i'm a good person and a good kid.

You properly won't understand how much i love the amazing Perris so much and love spending time in there and having fun with friend's please have a second thought about my appeal.
Roblox User:Zixry90
Roblox Display:Kozy
Perris RP Name: (can't remember.)
Discord User: 5.starjj
I just want to start by saying sorry for my action's, language and attitude. I was Rude and let out the words "D HEAD". I got Angry after being RDMED and I let the words out. That is no excuse for what I have done and won't happen again. I am willing to follow what ever steps you desire to make next e.g. not unbanning me or unbanning me.
If you were to unban me that would not change the evidence of what I have done.
Also if you were to unban me I will not Break Roblox V-TOL in you're game and Other games.
I will also follow all Perris Rules and Guidelines.
Sincerely - JJ.

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Team Notes: 
Hello @5StarrJJ

Unfortunately, You won't be receiving an unban or shorten ban time, You've violated an serious TOS (terms of Service) and we don't accept behaviors like this. You have already been DENIED by a team member, and you did not follow the format. Thank you for understanding.

Have a great day.

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