DENIED MecnoMurdo's Staff Application

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Feb 21, 2023
United Kingdom, London
Roblox Username: MecnoMurdo

Roblox ID: 3256060759

Link to your Roblox Profile:
Discord Tag: Out4l#0001

Timezone/Country: BST, United Kingdom

Age: 17

What made you want to apply for a position with MI?:

It would be an honour for me to apply for this position since I have been part of this community for a long time. In my opinion, I am qualified to provide assistance to members in the community without failure, I would do everything in my power to make their role-playing experience as enjoyable as possible. From what I have observed, most people tend to RDM others. The result is that we ruin the spirit of role-playing in our community and ruin its reputation. The goal is to allow the members to role-play without being interrupted at the end of the day.

Considering your strengths and weaknesses, why should we select you?:

A strength of mine is the confidence I have to stand up for myself without hesitating, which helps me stay positive when speaking. One of my weaknesses is my short temper, which means that I can't control my anger easily since I'm short-tempered. In my opinion, what makes me the most angry is when someone keeps talking about something that makes no sense. Another weakness of mine is organizing things at a particular time. The majority of the time, I don't organize it properly or I delay some stuff because of certain circumstances.

Do you have any staffing experience in other communities?:

In ERLC I used to be a moderator in a community, but I was soon promoted to administrator after putting forth my full effort to help the members. Additionally, I held a higher rank in a role-playing military game. Previously, I was the Chief of the General Staff there. My position in this community used to require me to work hard, but I retired a short time later.

Have you ever been a member of Staff with MI, or a Mentor with MI?:

No, I've not. I hope to become one soon.

Were you referred to apply by a current member of staff? If yes, who?:


Did you review the Staff requirements? (y/n):

Yes I did.

Did you spellcheck your application? (y/n):

Yes I did.


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Feb 20, 2023
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