in game Ban appeal for blanketyuo

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Account Terminated
Account Terminated
Nov 14, 2023
United States
roblox Username: Blanketyuo
Discord Tag blankietheking Your RP Name: Muhammad Yusuf

Ban Length: Perm Ban
Banning Staff Member (@toxic_ice20#0

Ban Reason: Bad Name
Why I should be unbanned: I think i should be unbanned because i simply just joined my friend and made my name my real name in real life and i didnt read the rules ahead of time and i am deeply sorry for this problem and i really want to be unbanned because i enjoyed my time playing this game while it lasted so i really apologize for what i have done and i hope i can be unbanned so i change my name Thank you for listening to me.

Time of Occurrence: 11/14/2023 6:33:38 AM
Additional members involved/witnessing: i do not know who else witnessed this occuring but i know for sure the admin toxic_ice did because he was the one who banned me.

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes

 @Blanketyuo  Unfortunately we are unable to unban you as you have been banned for HOURS/DAYS The proof attached to your ban is valid and will still count as REASON no matter the situation as they were not in the roleplay Video Attached Have a good  


Best Regards Qeal 



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