I am skeptical about subscriptions.


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Aug 16, 2023
I just recently found out about subscriptions for MI. I really like the perks that are given but I am pretty skeptical on putting my credit card information, if it makes sense. If you do have a subscription or you are in the staff team, please help me think otherwise.

Not sure I understand your fear of

starting a subscription here, especially if it's a price range you find comfortable. However subscription are all around you from your average bills to any perks you may want within a game or television apps. Mountain Interactive takes pride in their security and legal team aspects. Anyone who deals with function of card information has legal documents filled, to prevent the likelihood of anything happening. Mountain interactive has switched web domains simply due to wanting to have more access for their privacy and ensure all users received the best security they can provide. Mountain interactive is quick to handle any credit fraud information and able to safely say that all users information are protected. 

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As long as it's a valid credit or debit card you should have no problem purchasing it, you may always email the support team and title it purchase information and they may be able to tell you beforehand based off the card type or in-depth the types of cards they accept

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I think the basic premise behind it is:

If you are willing to purchase something online, or have done so in the past, the risks for putting your information will remain relatively the same. 

From experience, the information that MI asks for in addition to their privacy policies are no different than the standard across the board. 

So it really all comes down to price. Don't think of it as a pay-to-win, but rather as helping out a growing studio. 

If the perks for supporting MI rationalize the price for you, and it's in your budget- then that is a choice you are free to make. 

- Your Fellow Perris, CA Enjoyer 

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As a former staff the only way we keep records of ur info is if you dispute which then only david can see, thats the only way we can see ur details, other than that we cant see anything else only people can see it is the stripe, or the owner your info is protected by stripe so only david can see limited things such as your area code ur name ur dob, and ur transactions on the site now this is only available if you do a dispute charge

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