DENIED Gunner120089/Pimis_2's Moderator Application

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Feb 21, 2023
Roblox Username: Gunner120089
Roblox ID: 547873331
Link to your Roblox Profile:
Discord Tag: Pimis_2#2615
Timezone/Country: Australia (AEST)
Age: 17(18 in October)
Playtime: Last Time I checked it was over 500 hours.

What made you want to apply for a position with MI?: I am seeking to become part of the staff team for Mountain Interactive because I've matured and have had a really good time with the community and look at all of the members whether old or new and staff as close friends. My Second reason, why I want to become part of the Mountain Interactive staff team is because I thoroughly agree with what Mountain Interactive stands for and want to help make the beautifully crafted experiences that Mountain Interactive puts out a fun and safe environment that everyone can enjoy and take part in. Thirdly, I would like the opportunity to be part of the Mountain Interactive staff team because of members of the community that come from users in-game that have a situation that needs moderative attention (RDM, FRP, LTAA, etc.) but doesn't get responded to as there is no staff online or they are currently preoccupied and I would like to start thoroughly enforcing the rules that Mountain Interactive holds as that those who are new aren't turned away from this growing and friendly community and so that no-one feels helpless they are trying to have a good time. Lastly, I would like to be part of the staff team because I foresee that Mountain Interactive will grow exponentially in the future and I would be truly privileged to be a part of the Mountain Interactive staff team as it grows so that all involved have a SAFE but most importantly FUN time at MI and within their games.

Considering your strengths and weaknesses, why should we select you?:


  • Hardworking
  • Approachable
  • Available when others aren't

  • Not the best short term memory
  • Not having great multitasking skills

Do you have any staffing experience in other communities?: I do have Moderation Experience in other communities Kaliber Incorporated Currently a Moderator, British Army Community Manager and various other miscellaneous Moderator roles.
Have you ever been a member of Staff with MI, or a Mentor with MI?: Yes I have previously been a moderator at MI.
Were you referred to apply by a current member of staff? No

Did you review the Staff requirements? Yes.

Did you spellcheck your application? Yes.


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Feb 20, 2023
San Antonio, Texas

While your application is good we haven't noticed you around the community or observed engagement with community members in our discord or forums.

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