Game ban appeal


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Apr 8, 2023
Roblox Username : BasicFotus

Discord User: basicfotus

Ban Reason: So I'm making a Ban appeal for my accused 4 days ban and I review 

This user discord @lsinxisterl claim that I was in game RDM- FRP at 9 AM but it wasn't true that I was in the game because I wasn't in Roblox at 9 AM 

I was from 9 to 11 AM sleeping

12 AM I was getting ready to leave to travel hiking the beach

1-2 PM I was in car traveling the highway to my way hiking and beach

3 PM I got notify I got ban 4 Days 

Even though I review the clip

So this red circle someone trying to copy my avatar and secondly the person who reported me doesn't have kill logs proof I didn't RDM and FRP

If you look carefully the shooter that killed Bacon that doesn't match my uniform because here my avatar I wear tactical gloves and that person in corner doesn't have gloves19176A0C-9399-4348-B150-D512CA561FC5.jpeg