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Sep 22, 2023
Hey there! So, this game is easily in my top 5 LEO sims. By far. The in depth vehicle detail, ELS systems and features overall just surpass most. 

I'll go over the best things I find about the game, and then the parts I personally dislike.

Please note, just started playing two days ago.

Starting off, vehicle detail. I have never seen a game with interior detail like this. I believe more games should take this style. 

You can find anything from evi-gloves to evidence bags, hi-vis vests or really anything imaginable in here.

I really also love the patrol carbine and shotgun system- being able to put the carbine into your car and having to actually spend time to take it out is very nice.

Second thing,

ACS. Any LEOSim with ACS is something I like. It appears to be a slightly custom version, with HEAVILY improved sounds and a drastically improved recoiling system.

The SR-16's and Glock's are perfectly modeled, and have working lights. However, something I'll point out- when I try and grab a holster not compatible with RMR systems, it gives me a RMR system anyway. Just something I saw.

Overall, some of the best feeling guns in a game I have seen yet.

Third, sort of bad- sort of good.

The community in this game is very hit or miss, currently missing right now. Over all of the games I have found, it has been 90% people teleporting near the Little Caesars area, shooting cops, dying, and the  repeating. I personally do not like the community in this game.

The gameplay feels like a meat grinder. Go to city, get in a shootout, and die. There's no further RP then that found other then a traffic stop every so often. However...

The 10% of actual RP is amazing.

Focusing on the "hit" side of RP- oh my god! The RP, If combined right, is the best I've ever seen. It's amazing. Hostage missions, drxg busts, DUI arrests and more is so good if you get the right players. Though, unfortunately as I said, this is almost never the case. 

All I recommend doing is- add some roleplay tools like clipboards and such. Also, moderate a little harder! This'll go a long way!!!


I understand making a game revolving around a realistic graphical style would be terribly difficult without some lag.  I understand, just try and make it better. 

Lastly, BUGGS!!!!!

  1. Missing textures on vehicles
  2. Guns not doing anything to some people
  3. LAGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Crashing
  5. "Please wait as the next area loads" (crashes)
  6. Getting stuck in the CVPI
  7. Parts of map disappearing when driving- able to fall through.
  8. I don't exactly know how, but players are able to suddenly teleport either behind or in little caesars- and it breaks NLR.

Overall Review: 8.5/10

Recommendations: Optimize, enforce more RP, remove Little Caesars glitch, fix map chunk loading, crashes, gun damage, textures and add Roleplay tools

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While I'm not actually in a position where I can help any of these issues (apart from moderation I suppose), I found your review of the game really interesting! Although I didn't take part in creating it or developing it anyway, I'm glad you enjoy it, (atleast to some extent), and I genuinely enjoyed reading through a new player's perspective on the game. I believe when Perris V3 fully rolls out, many of these issues will be fixed, however if I'm not wrong I do believe we'll be transitioning away from ACS, which is one of the main reasons for instability in servers and extreme lag. I'm not sure if the gun system we'll be moving to has been fully decided yet or if it's still up in the air with the dev team, but I'm sure it'll be good. Apart from that, Little Caesers isn't a glitch, players repeatedly spam the Little Caeser's job which teleports them to the building. The moderation team is doing its best at moderating the servers, however, we cannot be awake for the entire day, and many of our higher up members have other responsibilities than just moderating in game. Finally, from not just the perspective of a moderator, but as just a player, you did great on pointing out important issues (especially the community) and is why I bothered to make a reply at all. Overall, wonderful review, and I think it's a great take on the game right now. All I can say is I believe most of this will be fixed and improved upon when Perris V3 comes out. Thank you!

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Optimization in V3, is 100% being improved and are going to improve the humanoid issue getting stuck in cars as cars now have actual collision groups and you can't clip into meshes no more.

Reputation System will also in my opinion alone fix the RDM issues in general.

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