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May 18, 2023
I can recall being near the gun store when these 4-or so losers claiming to be "Merryweather" stood outside the S&K with fully automatic assault rifles drawn. 

Of course they were surprised when the entire Department of Homeland Security showed up and probably murdered them. (Idk I wasn't sticking around; they were particularly rude.)

I thought just about everyone knew California had strict gun laws, they're practically famous for it. These rentacop fanatics have got to get educated.

They also claimed that open-carry was legal in riverside due to the population size. While yes it is true that in counties with a population of under 200,000, you can open-carry with permission from the local sheriff, the only issue with that was that Riverside has a population of 2,489,747.

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These wannabe-security or military-guys who act like protecting "private property" (the property of the Gun Store is public) and who RDM you if you come too close, yeah. They are annoying, I agree.

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