False Ban & Ban Appeal

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Sep 4, 2023
Roblox Username:xkuiu Discord Tag (Ex. cvvhoods): Your RP Name: Baird Allen Ban Length:9/17/2023 Banning Staff Member (@motorbike_ridr to mention the staff member): Ban Reason: nlr mrdm nitrp Why I should be unbanned: I was banned with the reason of nlr mrdm nitrp I have a clip of me role playing dying and then being teleported by a moderator saying I was spawning in and killing cops that it's not call of duty, when I told him that it wasn't the case that I was at Cesar and seen a group of guys and I chatted with them, and they gave me a gun. After that I went across the street to s&k to see what was going on because I had no car, and I was with my friends that I just met roleplaying with the cop's shots go off I seen 1 cop pumped him in his back I took cover behind a car and shot at a cop from the distance then a I got executioner style shot in my head. I spawn back in I get jailed by a moderator. He was saying I was playing cod this and that nlr he has clips and was watching yeah, he might've been watching the other people I was with, and they might have been mrdm but I wasn't didn't get a chance to use my NLR because I was jailed and falsely banned. I also have the clip of the whole thing.

I didn't have a chance to reply to the messages to my previous appeal because it was late at night and my attention wasn't on this. But I just took the time to go over the footage and I the person in the baby blue suit it shows that I died once time next to a swat truck and stood in Cesar's for the rest of the 2 clips the moderator provided. I then like I stated walked around s&k while everyone was shooting until and police officer that I killed before pull up next to me and try to kill me so my first instinct at the moment was to gun him, I do admit I should have taken the nlr more serious, but I didn't feel the need to because sheriffs and other citizens weren't the reason I even died at the swat car was because the same officers kept coming back also not playing by the rules but action gets struct against me. Banning me for MRDM and NITRP is a lie and NLR I didnt feel the need to do because nobody was doing it including sherrifs and cops.

First clip - shows you dying 

Second Clip - focuses on jack_ackson

Third Clip - also focuses on jack

Fourth Clip - Then shows you joining the shootout towards the end for no reason and rdm'ing every LEO

Fifth Clip - Shows continuation of clip 4 and yourself spraying a full auto SR16 towards anyone you can see.

I am willing to unban you but you will now be on a one strike policy until 20th October, should you break any rules before that date your perm ban will be reinstated

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