Discord Ban Appeal


May 29, 2023
Roblox Username: Wera14
Discord Tag: Supros (no numbers)
Your RP Name: I forgot.
Ban Length: Perm.
Banning Staff Member Ash
Ban Reason: NSFW
Why I should be unbanned: I really want to go back to my friends in perris, but that's not the point, everything happened when people rebelled, because perris was made 17+ and it still wasn't available, everyone wrote jokes, and me too, the first joke was about a collab with fortnite, and then about the collab with ixvideos, everything was funny and cool, but who knew that it would happen exactly like that, I didn't have time to blink and I was already banned, I'm really ready to apologize for all this, but I thought that it was impossible to send porn pictures and gifs, but it turns out you can't even write the name of the porn site, I didn't even write the domain of the site, just the name of the site and that's it, and it's jokingly simple, my friends are waiting for me in perris, and I really want to go back there 
the time i got banned : 26/06/2023
Additional members involved/witnessing: No