Discord Ban Appeal (Asaf)


New member
Jun 3, 2023
 Roblox Username: asaf987654321:

  Discord Tag: (Ex. Discord#6860)

Your RP Name: Adam Erickson

Ban Length: Idk I just got banned from the discord. 

 Banning Staff Member: (@AdminName: @Ash to mention the staff member): Ban Reason: Pinging Ash for no reason.

Why I should be unbanned: I should be unbanned because I did not do it on Purpose, I just wanted to show ash A Bug that whenever You Hold someone You get slower and Dropped to the floor and Its Just Annoys me, But after its All good I won't do that again if not necessary.         (There were 2 more BUGS But it's Not necessary for now)

Time of Occurrence: 9/14/23 

Additional members involved/witnessing: A civilian Inside My car, (He was the suspect, and I was the Corporal) 

Read, understood, and followed ban appeal rules: (Y/N) Yes.